A. Abad Cerdeira

Systems Engineer

Varnish cache example – SSL offloading

22 January 2016

This article explains how Varnish is implemented in this server to speed up the site. The main peculiarities of this example are: Using Varnish version 4 – www.varnish-cache.org https (port 443) hits Apache then it forwards traffic to Varnish (SSL offloading) Varnish caches by eliminating the cookies in responses but…

LogStash – ElasticSearch – Kibana3

30 November 2013

Published an article about how to install and configure LogStash + ElasticSearch + Kibana3 LogStash is for collecting, parsing, mangling and passing of logs. Elasticsearch is its output and where the processed data is stored for quick access Kibana3 is the front end of LogStash The guide in detail: LogStash,…


9 April 2011

The Need for Speed Web speed tests depends on distance from you to the test server, a server that is close will always be faster than another far away, in particular latency wise. So instead of hosting a speed test server in any particular data center a speed test is…