A. Abad Cerdeira

Systems Engineer

Upgrade from Debian Lenny to Squeeze in OVH RPS

14 November 2010

This website is hosted in one of these servers: http://www.ovh.co.uk/products/rps_offers.xml OVH offers a wide list of possible OS to install in your dedicated box and I believe the best one is Debian, I love its simplicity, community support, security and above all its cleanliness, you start with a clean base…

Adding a photo album

20 July 2010

Not happy with the existing solutions/plugins to generate photo albums in WordPress I decided to create my own based on a BASH script and some PHP code. Upload the photos you want to a folder, example: http://abadcer.com/photos/ Because this folder doesn’t contain any index.php or default.html or similar I enabled…

How did I put all this together

21 September 2009

Got a domain in 123-reg.co.uk Got a dedicated Linux server from ovh.co.uk Got Apache2, MySQL and PHP5 installed Changed the DNS settings of abadcer.com to point to this server. Downloaded and install WordPress from wordpress.org Found a nice theme to skin the site. Done It is easier than what it…